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The Next Story

Life and Faith after the Digital Explosion

Author Tim Challies
Narrator Adam Black
Runtime 8.65 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher Zondervan
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Even the least technical among us are being pressed from all sides by advances in digital technology. We rely upon computers, cell phones, and the Internet for communication, commerce, and entertainment. Yet even though we live in this “instant message” culture, many of us feel disconnected, and we question if all this technology is really good for our souls.

In a manner that’s accessible, thoughtful, and biblical, author Tim Challies addresses questions such as:
• How has life—and faith—changed now that everyone is available all the time through mobile phones?
• How does our constant connection to these digital devices affect our families and our church communities?
• What does it mean that almost two billion humans are connected by the Internet … with hundreds of millions more coming online each year?

Providing the reader with a framework they can apply to any technology, Tim Challies explains how and why our society has become reliant on digital technology, what it means for our lives, and how it impacts the Christian faith.

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Sonic0620 says:

This book was very helpful, it pointed out some things I really didn't see. But felt on a deeper level. If you have a computer, mp3 player, gaming console or a smart phone this is a must read. If you have children who have any of these you need to read this today!


Rob says:

As someone who finds blogging and Facebook and the like to be inane, dull and soul-less, I had a hard time getting into this text, especially when early into the text Challie's presents a somewhat sloppy exegesis of the creation mandate from Genesis (Tim referrs to this in the past tense - "was" - and I'm pretty sure this mandate was never rescended. He'd benefit from a reading of Psalm 127:5 in ... Read more


Adam Shields says:

First, I think that while there are some issues I disagree with, I think this is a book that needs to be read by almost everyone that wants to think seriously about how we as Christians interact with culture, technology, transition and faith. Even when I disagree with him on some issues, I think he is respectful of the subject, is consistant theologically and he is pastorally and practically focu... Read more


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