The Parish of the Preacher

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The Parish of the Preacher

Author Fuller Theological Seminary
Narrator Dr. Ogilvie
Runtime 1 Hr 4 Min - Unabridged
Publisher Fuller Theological Seminary
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The Lloyd John Ogilvie Institute of Preaching has been established to equip and enable a brave, bold breed of preachers for the 21st century church. The institute recognizes the great need that society has for preachers who can preach with passion. Beginning in January 2007, multiple dates have been set up for this conference. This gives pastors multiple opportunities to choose from for an appropriate time to participate in this format and be led by Dr. Ogilvie. In each three-day conference he will work with small, intimate groups as he draws on fifty years of preaching experience and speaks about the biblical meaning of passion.

Preaching with Passion Conference"
"The Parish of the Preacher"

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