The Pastor

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The Pastor

A Memoir

Author Eugene H. Peterson
Narrator Arthur Morey
Runtime 12 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher christianaudio
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"If anyone knows how to be a pastor in the contemporary context that person is Eugene Peterson. Eugene possesses the rare combination of a pastor's heart and a pastor's art. Take and read!" (Richard J. Foster, author of Celebration of Discipline )

"I've been nagging Eugene Peterson for years to write a memoir. In our clamorous, celebrity-driven, entertainment culture, his life and words convey a quiet whisper of sanity, authenticity, and, yes, holiness." (Philip Yancey, author of What Good is God )

"A good book for folks who like pastors. And a good book for folks who don't. The Pastor is the disarming tale of one of the unlikely suspects who has helped shape North American Christianity." (Shane Claiborne author of The Irresistible Revolution )

"More than a gifted writer, Eugene Peterson is a voice calling upon the churches to recover the vocation of the pastor in order to experience the renewing of their faith in the midst of an increasingly commercialized, depersonalized, and spiritually barren land." (Dale T. Irvin, President, New York Theological Seminary )

"Eugene Peterson excavates the challenges and mysteries regarding pastors and church and gives me hope for both. This a must read for every person who is or thinks they are called to be a pastor and for every person who has one." (William Paul Young, author of The Shack )

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Nicki says:

I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this audio, there is so much depth to it that it can be listened to many times. I loved hearing the stories from Eugene Peterson’s childhood in Montana and as he got to grips with becoming a pastor. I love his honestly with the things he’s struggled with in his vocation, I also liked the way he described the changing face of the church in America thro... Read more


Adam Shields says:

I read this immediately after it came out just over a month ago. I wrote a gushing review. Then I was asked if I wanted to review the audiobook as well. At first I thought I would just listen to a little bit of the audiobook and rework the original review a bit. But this is a very good book. And 'reading' it twice in less than six weeks is not too much. Eugene Peterson reads the introducti... Read more


Terry Delaney says:

I have found narrator Arthur Morey's reading to be less than stellar. While I have appreciated many of his other audiobooks, I struggled with this one. The content of the life and ministry of Eugene Peterson is by far the main selling point on this audiobook. While not everyone will agree, Peterson does offer an alternative to the stereotypical pastorate and pastor. If you are a fan of Eug... Read more


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