The Race Before Us

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The Race Before Us

Author Bruce H. Matson
Narrator Lloyd James
Runtime 7.3 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher Mission Audio
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Turning 50 years old and facing some of life’s biggest questions are daunting challenges. A crisis of faith and crisis of health lead towards significant changes in one’s life. For Bruce Matson, a family man with a successful law practice, the struggles of health and doubt led to action. Combining to podcasts from notable Christian leaders Ravi Zacharias, Allistair Begg, and Tim Keller, careful research and preparation, and encouragement from family and friends, Bruce ran his race for physical and spiritual health.
The Race Before Us by Bruce Matson is a wonderful memoir detailing the path of doubt to faith and spiritual malaise to running with God. Come alongside Bruce as he navigates the windy roads of faith and health in his pursuit of physical and spiritual well-being.


Dr. Trent Nicholson says:

This review, by Dr. Nicholson, has been provided courtesy of Desert Bible Institute In a reader’s life a number of books come and go. Some books are for study, some are read for the pure pleasure of it, and still others help us with the problems that loom ominously before us. On rare occasions, maybe once a decade, there comes along a book that does all three. It... Read more


Matt says:

The Race Before Us by Bruce H. Matson is a lot more interesting than I thought it would be based on the title and the description. It combines several different elements together that actually work together quite well as a collective whole. The first of these elements is the running aspect where the author has decided to run a marathon despite being well past his physical prime and the training an... Read more


Scotty says:

Excellent book for apologetics. I enjoyed hearing his journey of faith and find my own testimony being similar in that I grew tremendously when I began to listen to sound biblical teachers via podcast. I can understand the authors intent to tie in his spiritual journey with his physical journey, but I wish the book had less about running and more about God. It was particularly interesting to get ... Read more


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