Truth and Life Dramatized Audio Bible New Testament

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Truth and Life Dramatized Audio Bible New Testament

Author Zondervan Bibles
Narrator Full Cast
Runtime 22.1 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher Zondervan
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The TRUTH & LIFE DRAMATIZED AUDIO BIBLE ™ NEW TESTAMENT elegantly blends voices, sound effects and an original music score to create an aural environment that will totally immerse you in the Scriptures.
The literal English RSV-CE New Testament is 'performed' for you in radio drama style by more than 70 actors including international stars: Neal McDonough as "Jesus," Julia Ormond as "Mary, Mother of God," Blair Underwood as "Mark," Stacy Keach as "John," Michael York as "Luke," Brian Cox as "The Voice of God," Sean Astin as "Matthew," Kristen Bell as "Mary Magdalene, " Malcolm McDowell as "Caiaphas," and John Rhys-Davies as the Narrator.

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