Why I Am a Christian

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Why I Am a Christian

Author John R.W. Stott
Narrator Simon Vance
Runtime 3.25 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher christianaudio Hovel
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What is a life of radical discipleship? At root, it means we let Jesus set the agenda of our lives. We aren't selective. We don't pick and choose what is congenial and stay away from what is costly. No. He is Lord of all of life.

In the last book by the leading evangelical churchman of the twentieth century, John Stott opens up what it means at root to be a follower of Jesus. He explores eight aspects of Christian discipleship which are too often neglected and yet deserve to be taken seriously.

Here, including the last public sermon he ever preached, Stott offers wisdom gained from a lifetime of consistent Christian commitment. In addition, he poignantly reflects on his last years of life and ministry. The message is simple, classic and personal: Jesus is Lord. He calls. We follow.

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Audiofile Magazine says:

This short classic is as much a response to Bertrand Russell's essay "Why I Am Not A Christian" as it is a clear statement of seminal Christian basics. Stott concisely reveals much of his life story while keeping the main theme in focus. Simon Vance captures the spirit of Stott's relationship with Christ and what brought him to it. The greater portion of the book hints at the deep thinking behind ... Read more


Jesus Te Ama says:

I am a christian because I love Jesus with all my heart http://www.TheLordLovesYou.com


Adam Shields says:

I picked up John Stott's Why I Am A Christian from christianaudio.com while it was on sale for $0.98. (End of September 2010.) In general I am not a huge fan of apologetics, but I really respect Stott and it was only $0.98. It is a brief book, only a little over 3 hours. Stott focuses the book on why he is a Christian more than why you should become a Christian. I think this is a good foc... Read more


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