Word of Honor

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Word of Honor

Book 3

Series Newpointe
Author Terri Blackstock
Narrator Juanita Parker
Runtime 9.5 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher Books in Motion
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Of the four people at the Newpointe post office when the bomb went off, three were killed instantly. The fourth, a five-year-old boy, lies comatose in the hospital and isn't expected to survive. Who would do such a thing? The answer appears to come in the form of a gunman crashing through the door into attorney Jill Clark's hotel room. The young attorney finds herself the hostage of a desperate man whose actions hardly fit his claim of innocence. Only later, when the suspect is behind bars, does Jill wonder whether he's as guilty as it appears. Prompted by a terrifying attempt on her life, She and Dan Nichols dig deeper into the case. Standing in their way is the power of a covenant. It could change her life or seal her death.

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