Wrestling with an Angel

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Wrestling with an Angel

A Story of Love, Disability and the Lessons of Grace

Author Greg Lucas
Narrator Jason Younger
Runtime 2.3 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher CruciformPress
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It sounded at first like something out of an old horror movie. I thought maybe someone was just playing around, but then I heard it again and again, a loud piercing cry, and less like Hollywood every time. The windows were down in my police cruiser on that warm fall day, but I still couldn’t tell where the sounds came from. I began looking around for the unlikely sight of someone being disemboweled in a mall parking lot on a Saturday afternoon. Seeing nothing, and still hearing the screams, I called in a “disturbance.” Around the next corner I found the source of the commotion.

C.S. Lewis wrote that he paradoxically loved The Lord of the Rings because it ‘broke his heart’—and Greg Lucas’ writing does the same for me. ”
– Justin Taylor, Managing Editor, ESV Study Bible

“Witty... stunning...striking... humorous and heartfelt. In our culture which is so quick to devalue life, Wrestling with an Angel provides a fresh, honest look at one father’s struggle to embrace God in the midst of his son’s disability. Can sheer laughter and weeping gracefully coexist in a world of so much affliction? Greg knows all about it. And inside these pages he passes on his lessons of grace to us. I highly recommend this wonderfully personal book!”
– Joni Eareckson Tada, Joni and Friends International Disability Center

“It is the rare book that makes much of God and our dependency on Him while also celebrating His goodness through hard things. This book is a gift to the church, and particularly to men who need an example of masculine, biblical leadership in the face of complex, confusing, and overwhelming circumstances.”
– John Knight, Senior Director for Development, Desiring God

“You will laugh; you will cry. You will feel sick; you will feel inspired. You will be repulsed by the ugliness of sin; you will be overwhelmed by the love of God. Greg Lucas takes us on an unforgettable ride as he extracts the most beautiful insights into grace from the most painful experiences of life.”
– David P. Murray, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

“This is not primarily a book for parents of special-needs children. There is only one disability that keeps a person from heaven, the sin that lives in our hearts. Greg
Lucas is a captivating storyteller. When he writes about life with Jake, I recognize God’s grace and loving persistence in my life. I want more!
– Noël Piper, author, and wife of pastor and author John Piper

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