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A Crucial Contrast

Author Alistair Begg
Narrator Alistair Begg
Runtime 0.65 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher Truth for Life
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Release Date September 22, 2010
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This message is a part of this series: The Gospel According to Luke, Volume 5. Scripture: Luke 11:33


This message is a part of this series: The Gospel According to Luke, Volume 5. Scripture: Luke 11:33

Luke’s gospel is the longest book in the New Testament. When you consider it along with the other book that he wrote, namely the Acts of the Apostles, Luke is responsible for over a quarter of New Testament material.

Luke was one of Paul’s most significant companions and several things about him help us understand why God laid his hand upon this man. He was a Gentile, the only Gentile writer in the whole of the New Testament. He was also a doctor and an educated man. He was an historian. In fact, he was more of a historian than Matthew or Mark or even John, each of whom sets the life of Jesus firmly within the realm of Palestine. Luke intersects Biblical truth with the historical development of the Roman Empire.

There is much to learn by studying the gospel of this man of wide views and broad sympathies, most importantly his emphasis on the universality of the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Magnificent! And I don't say that lightly...
On par with the best works of David Wilkerson. Light vs. Darkness. Alistair is one of the few who can stand to tell the real truth without really being offensive. He lets the Word do that because that's the direction where he points.

It is really quite a feat that he has managed to remain so long among those who are either unwilling or simply unable to understand what he is saying. Indeed, unless God opens the eyes and ears of their heart, they can not see nor hear the truth.

The truth that Alistair points out is that unless there is a real heart to begin with, there are simply no eyes or ears to open. That will always remain the sad truth unless God gives them a new heart.

What does it take for God to give a new heart? A plea from a heart willing to yield it's own deceitful and corrupt rights. Even then, there are no guarantees. Why? Because God is not a deal broker. He is a God with His own agenda according to His own plans and purposes which He purposed in Christ before this world began..

People often decide they belong to Jesus and are now saved. How preposterous and arrogant. Where is the fear of God in that? Where is the beginning of wisdom in that? There isn't any. It is darkness, as Alistair says... but in different words.

But this is what the vast majority of Christians believe because this is what their pastors have assured them of. Pastors who are as blind and lost as they are... both of which may be seen traversing the ditch.

Of course, Alistair doesn't come right out and say this, but his whole delivery screams of, "Go figure it out for yourselves." Alistair has a virtual Jeremiah ministry in a sense.
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