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A Place of Peace (Kauffman Amish Bakery Series, Book #3)

Book 3: A Novel

Series Kauffman Amish Bakery Series
Author Amy Clipston
Narrator Devon O'Day
Runtime 9.2 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher Zondervan
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Release Date February 14, 2011
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Miriam Lapp returns to the Amish community she once belonged to when she hears of her mother’s death. Amidst her grief and some painful lies from her past, she is forced to face the people who rejected her. Losing her once fiancé and being shunned by her father becomes an excruciating test of her faith.
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Miriam Lapp, who left the Amish community in Pennsylvania three years ago, is heartbroken when her sister calls to reveal that her mother has died suddenly. Traveling home to Pennsylvania, she is forced to face the heartache from her past, including her rift from her family and the break up of her engagement with Timothy Kauffman. Her past emotional wounds are reopened when her family rejects her once again and she finds out that Timothy is in a relationship with someone else. Miriam discovers that the rumors that broke them up three years ago were all lies. However, when Timothy proposes to his girlfriend and Miriam’s father disowns her, Miriam returns to Indiana with her heart in shambles. When Miriam’s father has a stroke, Miriam returns to Pennsylvania, and her world begins to fall apart, leaving her to question her place in the Amish community and her faith in God.

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One of my favorite series
A great next book in the series. Looking forward to finishing with the final one!
Review by / (Posted on 12/1/2018)
Missing the beginning of the story
I liked the first two books of this series, but reading number three I keep wondering if the story about Timothy and Miriam before she went away is written in another book. It feels like it starts in the middle of a story instead of at the beginning. it's nice to read about how they make up again in the end, but where did it go wrong? I miss the background story.
Review by / (Posted on 1/10/2017)