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Mission & Vision

The mission of is to be one of the most trusted places on the Internet for the refreshment and growth of the soul. The vision of christianaudio and is to shape Christian hearts to think and do right. We believe in publishing and selling products which will promote spiritual growth by inspiring Christians to think about God, themselves, and the world.

Why shop at

At, we strive to offer a first-rate shopping experience and products that are easy to download and use so you can enjoy top-quality audiobooks immediately after purchase. Specifically:

» DRM-Free content

It’s simple: when you buy an audiobook, we think you should be able to listen to it whenever you want and wherever you want. Every product offered on is DRM-Free, which means you can listen on any device.

» Largest selection of Christian audiobooks online

Our site offers more than 7,500 audiobooks, lectures, interviews and more from over 55 Christian publishers, ministries and organizations. Many ministries provide exclusive or free content on that is not available anywhere else.

» Best Audio Bibles Anywhere

We can’t help it. We’ve tried to be modest about our audio Bibles, but if we were, we couldn’t tell you all the things that you will love about them! The Bibles sold at provide the best formats and listening experience available in downloadable audio files. No matter which Bible product you purchase from christianaudio, the files go through an encoding process to optimize the user experience, before they are made available for purchase and download from the site.

MP3 Bibles are encoded one file per chapter, and organized by name so that the files stay in proper book and chapter order in your playback program or media device. M4B Bibles offer one file per book, with chapter markers to make it easy to find your selection. All Bibles are available in ZIP files, for one-click downloading.

» Formats for every device - M4B and MP3

Most books on are available in both MP3 and M4B formats. The M4B format is the newest and most optimized format for downloading, and is the best one if you will be listening on an Apple device. M4B files allow for chapter tracking and bookmarking so you can easily resume listening where you left off, and the flexibility to modify playback speed. The MP3 format is a universal file format that will play on any computer system or media player. In addition, both formats are generally available as ZIP files for one-click downloading. (For more information on which format is right for you, please visit our support section.)

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christianaudio started in 2004 by publishing audiobooks under the name Hovel Audio. In 2005, the company changed names to christianaudio and launched with the goal of becoming the largest provider of downloadable Christian audio content online.

Today, offers a diverse variety of digital audio products for purchase and immediate download. In addition to the products from other Christian publishers, organizations and ministries, we offer over 1,000 titles published by christianaudio under four imprints: christianaudio, christianaudio Seed, christianaudio Fiction, and Hovel Audio. Our love for audiobooks drives us to produce audiobooks of the highest quality according to industry standards. We have rigorous quality control standards and only hire highly experienced narrators, many whom are well known in the audiobook industry.

Audiobooks published by christianaudio are also made available on CD, and are available in the U.S. from both chain and independent book retailers including Lifeway Christian Stores, Barnes & Noble, and Christian Book Distributors. For International distribution or if you are an author, ministry or retailer and are interested in carrying christianaudio titles, please contact

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