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Christian History Issue #39: Martin Luther, The Later Years

Author Various
Narrator Kate Reading
Runtime 2.5 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher christianaudio
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Release Date September 6, 2005
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Issue# 39 Martin Luther: The Later Years and Legacy – Dig into the forgotten years of Luther’s life from 1524 until his death in 1546, including his family, his hymns, his writings, and his legacy. A companion issue to Martin Luther: the Early Years.
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A study of the many different legacies left by Martin Luther.
Articles include:

  • After the Revolution
    Luther spent his later years creating a church from the forces he had unleashed.

  • The Gallery: A Family Album
    A closer look at Luther's wife and children

  • Changing the Tempo of Worship
    For a thousand years of Christian worship, lay people had rarely sung. Then came Luther.

  • Also: The "Weak" Man behind "A Mighty Fortress"
    In intense turmoil, Luther wrote his greatest hymn.

  • Re-Inventing Family Life
    Martin Luther was a husband and father who turned Christians' views of marriage upside down.

  • Also: A Monk Marries
    Luther's wit and wisdom about his new estate.

  • Powerful Preaching
    A sample of how Luther could bring Bible characters to life.

  • Christianity for Common Folk
    Martin Luther captured big ideas in his Small Catechism.

  • The Unrefined Reformer
    Why was Luther sometimes bull-headed, coarse-tongued, and intemperate?

  • Also: Was Luther Anti-Semitic?
    He is famous for his tirades against the Jews. What caused them?

  • Allies or Enemies
    Luther's rocky relationships with his fellow reformers.

  • How I Pray
    Counsel on approaching the Almighty.

  • Luther's Will and Testaments
    He bequeathed statements of belief that guide millions of Christians today.

  • Luther's Living Legacy
    What has Luther left to us, 500 years later?