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Christian History Issue #43: How We Got Our Bible

Author Various
Narrator Michael Kramer
Runtime 2 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher christianaudio
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Release Date December 7, 2005
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Issue# 43 How We Got Our Bible – Learn about the history of the Bible’s transmission and translation from the ancient church to the King James Version.
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Ever wonder how Christian scholars knew which ancient books were to be regarded as Christian Scripture? Ever think about how the Bible came to be translated into English, and eventually the more familiar King James Bible? Ever wonder how we got our Bible? This collection of highly informative articles answers these and many other questions about how God worked through history to accomplish His will.

Articles include:

  • The Crown of English Bibles
    The King James Version was the culmination of 200 turbulent years of Bible translation.

  • Also:
    The Fiery Man behind the First English Bible

  • What the English Bible Cost One Man
    The betrayal and death of William Tyndale.

  • Also: Reading a Banned Book
    Tyndale's comfort to persecuted Bible readers

  • The Difference a Translation Makes
    Early attempts to capture Psalm 23

  • A Testament Is Born
    Could Matthew take shorthand?—and other intriguing reasons the New Testament may have emerged surprisingly early.

  • Also: What Writings Must Christians Obey?
    Four definitions of the New Testament

  • A Book that Almost Made It
    Excerpt from a popular writing that some wanted to include in the New Testament: The Shepherd of Hermas

  • How We Got Our Old Testament
    The process was long and complex, and the result is still a matter of dispute.

  • Also: More Than One Bible
    Christians still disagree over the content of the Old Testament

  • Discovering the Oldest New Testaments
    The bizarre stories behind the great Greek manuscripts.

  • Also: The Look and Feel of the First Bibles

  • The Christian History Interview—From the Apostles to You
    After 2,000 years of transmission and translation, does the Bible still accurately convey the meaning of the original authors?

  • The Gallery: Mavericks and Misfits
    The key players in the history of the Bible haven't necessarily been popular—or orthodox.

  • How Bibles Were Made
    (from Gutenberg until presses were mechanized in the early 1800s)