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Christian History Issue #49: Everyday Faith in the Middle Ages

Author Various
Narrator David Cochran Heath
Runtime 2 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher christianaudio
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Release Date July 9, 2005
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Issue# 49 Everyday Faith in the Middle Ages – Pilgrims, knights, plagues, illuminated manuscripts, heretics, and cathedrals . . . Explore the nooks and crannies of the medieval world and the main devotional practices that energized Christians from roughly A.D. 1000 to 1500.
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This issue of Christian History explores what life was like for many different types of Christians in the Middle Ages.
Articles include:

  • Religion with a Human Face
    One woman's extraordinary faith reveals much about the ordinary faith of the Middle Ages.

  • The Gallery: Unexpected Companions
    Four Pilgrims in Canterbury Tales show the startling mix of medieval faith.

  • An Innkeeper's Faith
    Christianity in one Spanish village—a historical re-creation.

  • Parenting with "Mother Church"
    In the medieval world, what you taught your children was not just your business.

  • Scripture-Drenched Life
    Medieval monasteries were Bible schools extraordinaire.

  • The Word Made Visible
    Christians in the Middle Ages may have been largely illiterate, but they were not ignorant of the Bible.

  • When a Third of the World Died
    During the Black Death, the greatest catastrophe in human history, how did Christians respond?

  • Warrior Spirituality
    Princes and knights were expected to be men of noble character, military prowess, and deep Christian faith.

  • Orthodoxy Wasn't Always Good Enough
    The two most widespread medieval heresies

  • Carrots and Sticks
    How the Catholic Church responded to heresy

  • God's Glory in Wood and Stone
    Intriguing facts behind one of medieval Christendom's magnificent legacies: The Cathedral

  • Stepping into a Christian Culture
    Medieval Christianity seems dark and foreign—until you take a closer look.

  • History in the Making:
    Pentecost at Prime Time

    Early religious TV presented huge challenges, which Pentecostals met better than most.