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Christian History Issue #74: Christians and Muslims

Author Various
Narrator Nadia May
Runtime 2 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher christianaudio
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Release Date June 13, 2005
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Delve deeper into the Christian/Muslim conflict with Issue #74 of Christian History Magazine-Christians & Muslims
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Delve deeper into the Christian/Muslim conflict with Issue #74 of Christian History Magazine-Christians & Muslims. Articles include:

  • A Deadly Give and Take
    Crusaders fought many terrible battles in the Middle East, but Muslims started - and won - the war.
    Paul Crawford

  • Did You Know?
    Unusual fruits of Western encounters with Islam
    Elesha Coffman

  • Divided by Christ
    Whether Christians under early Muslim rule used polemic or polite dialogue to defend their faith, they hit an impasse at the Incarnation.
    Samuel Hugh Moffett

  • Four Jihads
    Jihad means more than warfare, but the sword is central to Islam's texts, its history, and its founder.
    Mateen A. Elass

  • From Crusades to Homeland Defense
    Martin Luther responded to Islam with a new military philosophy, fresh focus on the Qur'an, and provocative readings of biblical prophecy.
    Gregory Miller

  • From the Editor: The Cover's Story
    A picture of Hagia Sophia, heavy with Christian and Islamic symbolism, speaks of centuries of ambition, sorrow, and bad faith.
    Elesha Coffman

  • Imperial Evasion
    When the West finally gained influence in the Islamic world, Christians lost their nerve.
    Andrew F. Walls

  • Islam 101
    Basics of a foreign faith

  • Muhammad amid the Faiths
    The prophet's interactions with paganism, Judaism, and Christianity birthed puzzling prophecies and a legacy of strife.
    James A. Beverley

  • Recommended Resources: Christians and Muslims

  • Secrets of Islam's Success
    It spread faster than any other religion in history. Here are some reasons why.
    Elesha Coffman

  • The Battle of Tours, 732
    Four contemporary accounts paint two radically different pictures.
    by anonymous Arab chroniclers, Isidore of Beja,and St. Denis

  • The Gallery: Spiritual Warriors
    As their brethren attacked Muslim fortresses, these evangelistic crusaders fought for Muslim souls.
    Steven Gertz

  • The Link Interview: Justice and Peace
    Because broken promises fueled Islamic militancy, the road to stability must be paved with good faith.
    Conversation with J. Dudley Woodberry

  • The Pact of Umar
    Islamic protection came with a price.