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Christian History Issue #78: J.R.R. Tolkien

Author Various
Narrator Kate Reading
Runtime 2.3 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher christianaudio
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Release Date June 13, 2005
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Issue# 78 J. R. R. Tolkien: The Man Behind the Myth – Go beyond the movies and learn about the fascinating life and writings of the man called “the Father of Epic Fantasy” and “the Lord of Literature.”
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Christian History takes a look, in this issue, at how Tolkien influenced culture and what the influences in his life were. How his Catholicism and friendship with C.S. Lewis influenced what he wrote about Hobbits, dragons, and overcoming great evil. This issue takes the time to examine many areas of the life of the man who created the 20th Century's greatest Myth.
Articles include:

  • Tolkien: Man Behind the Myth
    At odds with his age, he created another
  • Good and Evil in Middle-earth
    The characters are Mythic, but the epic sweeps across a Christian moral landscape.
  • Meeting Professor Tolkien
    An American professor spent a summer with Tolkien. He remembers the man, his faith, and his writings.
  • The Christian Humanists
    Tolkien joined these authors in countering the decadence of a dark century.
  • One Truth, Many Tales
    How did Tolkien's approach to writing for a secularizing world compare with those of his contemporaries?
  • Sacramental Imagination
    Catholicism anchored Tolkien's life and suffused his writings.
  • Gallery: The Inklings
    Tolkien relished his weekly meetings with this club of remarkable friends.
  • Tollers and Jack
    Tolkien and Lewis made an odd couple, but they contributed profoundly to each other's work.
  • Hobbits and Englismen
    His were small people surmounting impossible odds.
  • Father of Epic Fantasy
    Scores of authors have paid Tolkien the highest homage—imitation.
  • An Unexpected Party
    Tolkien found himself, in the 1960s, hosting a growing American fan club.