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Covenant of War (Lion of War Series, Book #2)

Book 2

Series Lion of War Series
Author Cliff Graham
Narrator Stefan Rudnicki
Runtime 8.7 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher Zondervan
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Release Date February 17, 2012
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In a time of Israel’s greatest need, an elite band of King David’s warriors known as the Mighty Men are all that stands between their people and destruction at the hands of the ruthless Philistines. Part two of the Lion of War series brings the actions of those heroes and the terror of the ancient battlefields to life.

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The year is 993 BC. After years of bloody civil war, Eleazar son of Dodai, one of King David’s most elite warriors, wants nothing more than to finally live peacefully in the land. But on the plains near the Great Sea, a terrifying army of Philistines has mobilized to crush the Hebrew tribes once and for all. In the sun-drenched valleys and dark forests of the hill country, Eleazar and his warriors make their stand against Israel’s deadliest enemy. The fate of an entire nation rests on the courage of a small band of heroes known as the Mighty Men. In a land torn by conflict, depleted by drought and threatened by treachery, the horrors and heroism of the ancient battlefields come to life.

This unabridged audio download of Covenant of War is the second book in the Lion of War series—the intense, gritty, and stylistic portrayal of the Mighty Men of Israel, a rag-tag band of warriors who came to King David in his most desperate hour and fought with him while he claimed the throne he was destined to fill. Their legendary deeds are recorded in 2 Samuel 23 and 1 Chronicles 11.

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Good second book
Good book. Graham Loosely follows the biblical story with artistic liberty to fill in the gaps. It is less focused on the battle scenes than the first book in the series. He aims for deeper character development and succeeds. Graham does have a strong view of David and allows the frailties of David to also show through. His writing style is improving
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