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Why We Use a Multi-Credit System?

People often ask us why we use a multiple credit system for the christianaudio Membership Program and don’t just offer one-credit-a-month like other audiobook download websites.
How It Works
- You get 4 (equal to 1-4 audiobooks) credits for only $14.95 each month
- You get them all at once and can use them immediately
- Any unused credits roll-over and can be saved for future purchases
- Most customers find that they can get more than one book a month…sometimes 4!

The goal with the multi-credit program is to offer our members the most value, flexibility and an opportunity to participate in the amazing sales christianaudio does on a regular basis. A one credit per month system doesn’t allow us to “wow” you like we like to do. And that’s important to us!
Get More Books
By offering multiple Credits per month we can allow customers to purchase audiobooks that cost less than our monthly subscription price. No one wants to use a $14.95 credit on a $6.00 audiobook! That’s crazy. The leftover credits allow you to get more books for less.
Value and Flexibility
Getting multiple credits a month lets you choose when and how to use your credits. If you find something for less credits this month, you can purchase it and save the extra credits for a future purchase.
Get Sale Pricing
Since credits are determined by the price of the audiobooks on the site, when the price goes down so does the amount of credits needed to buy an audiobook. Obviously, if every book costs one credit then it’s not possible to allow members to get more books when we are running a sale. This is why you will not see sales for members on other audiobook download sites.
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