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Finding Your Way After the Suicide of Someone You Love

Author David B. Biebel & Suzanne Foster
Narrator Tom Parks
Runtime 6 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher Zondervan
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Release Date July 27, 2011
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This uniquely designed resource for those left behind after a suicide (loved ones, friends, siblings, and extended family) provides encouraging, practical help and hope. Also includes features designed for SOS support groups, pastors, Christian counselors, and church leaders with the goal of helping the church function more fully as the healing community it could be for the survivors of suicide in its midst.

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Help and Hope for an Unexpected Journey
Do real Christians commit suicide? Yes, they do. And for those left behind, the journey following such a tragedy is unbearably painful. Finding Your Way after the Suicide of Someone You Love is a compassionate and practical guide that addresses the intensely personal issues of survivors of suicide (SOS).
This gentle and faith-affirming resource helps survivors know what to expect, especially during the first year following a suicide. It includes personal stories of survivors and suggestions on how to move beyond survival to live life again. Designed for use by individuals, couples, and SOS groups, this book offers help for parents, siblings, friends, and extended families, as well as practical guidelines for pastors, Christian counselors, and other church leaders.

Topics include:

• What to do in the immediate aftermath of a suicide

• Handling guilt and understanding the role of depression in suicides
• Dealing with questions of faith and meaning
• Creating a support system

• Choosing a Christian therapist

• Trusted resources and websites