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For the Rest of My Life (Claire McCall Series, Book #2)

Book 2: Sequel to the Best-Selling Could I Have This Dance?

Series Claire McCall Series
Author Harry Kraus
Narrator Katie Cole
Runtime 12.2 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher Zondervan
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Release Date June 1, 2011
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This riveting sequel to Could I Have This Dance? answers a question that haunted the protagonist at the end of that novel: Does Claire McCall, M.D., have the gene for Huntington's Disease, the disease that disabled her father?
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The riveting, emotional sequel to the best-selling Could I Have This Dance?

Claire McCall, M.D., is haunted by the question: Does she have the gene for Huntington’s Disease, the disease that disabled her father? This exciting sequel picks up with Claire moving back to Stoney Creek to work as a family physician and help her mother care for her disabled father. She rekindles her relationship with John Serelli and—just before she’s going to find out if she carries the HD gene—discovers an engagement ring hidden in his car. When John fails to “pop the question” before learning the results of the test, Claire believes he is only interested in marrying her if she does not have the HD gene. She runs away from him without learning the results of the test, or the strength of his love.

Claire copes with her romantic disappointment by plunging into her work. But a brutal rapist attacks three of Claire’s patients, just as each young woman is recovering from a recent accident or surgery. When Claire has surgery for appendicitis, she herself is attacked. Only her trust in God can keep Claire safe.