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Fresh Power

Author Jim Cymbala
Narrator Jim Cymbala
Runtime 6.53 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher Zondervan
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Release Date July 19, 2010
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The sequel to Cymbala’s best-selling Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire and Fresh Faith volumes, this book is a study of what it means for individuals and for the church to be constantly infilled by the Holy Spirit.

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Pastor Jim Cymbala of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Church has taught the people of his church about believing in God and his mighty power for their present-day lives and the mission of their church. He continued that teaching nationally in his best-selling books, Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire and Fresh Faith, which told about the transforming power of God’s love to convert prostitutes, addicts, the homeless, black people, white people, professional people, and working people.

Now Cymbala continues to spread the word about the power of God’s Holy Spirit in the lives of people who seek Him. Fresh faith is available to His church as God’s people desire the Holy Spirit’s constant infilling. Cymbala’s newest book, presented here in audio pages, talks about what it really means to be Spirit filled, both as individuals and as the church. The Book of Acts is the basis for his study as Cymbala delves into what it was like for Christians back in the first century — and what it can be like for them today. The first century church believed in God’s Word, in the constant infilling of His Spirit, and in the clear and direct responses of obedience to the scripture which defined the norm for their daily and spiritual lives. Cymbala explains that the same life in Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit is available to us today for pastors, leaders, and lay people who are longing for revival.

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A valuable read for those seeking freshness, especially in ministry
Cymbala does a great job, as always, of providing outstanding real world illustrations of his points along the way. I felt challenged to live with a greater thirst for the real and powerful filling of the Holy Spirit. The individual reading the book was overly dramatic at times which I found distracting.
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