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Globalization, Religion, and Culture

Author Peter Berger
Narrator Peter Berger
Runtime 4 Hrs. 22 Min. - Unabridged
Publisher Regent Audio
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Release Date August 18, 2004
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Missions pastors and anyone concerned with global issues will learn much in these thoughtful lectures and responses.
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His three-part lecture series examines how the current phenomenon of global pluralism impacts culture and religion. One of the most interesting writers on religion and society, Berger has played and key role in issues of development, public policy, and the role of religious belief in the modern world. Respondents to the three lectures are Loren Wilkinson, Craig Gay and Paul Helm of Regent College.

  1. Globalization and Culture (45:51) 

  2. Response by Loren Wilkinson (49:37) 

  3. Globalization and Religion (42:26) 

  4. Response by Craig Gay (39:04) 

  5. Theological Implications of Globalization (42:50) 

  6. Response by Paul Helm (45:36)

Peter Berger: BA (Wagner College), MA, PhD (New School for Social Research), Professor Emeritus of Religion, Sociology and Theology; Director, Institute for the Study of Economic Culture; Director, Institute on Religion and World Affairs, Boston University.

The Laing Lectures are in honour of William John Laing