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Real Marriage

The Truth About Sex, Friendship, and Life Together

Author Mark Driscoll & Grace Driscoll
Narrator William Dufris and Tavia Gilbert
Runtime 8.9 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher christianaudio
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Release Date January 3, 2012
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Pastor Mark Driscoll and his wife, Grace, talk about sex and marriage in down-to-earth terms, hitting issues other Christian books won't. While a wonderful wedding day is important, it's the last day of marriage that really counts. Will the last day of your marriage come prematurely through divorce? Will it be filled with regrets as you sit at the funeral of your spouse? Or, by God's grace, will the last day be a time to rejoice in the life you lived together?

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Pastor Mark Driscoll and his wife, Grace, talk about sex and marriage in down-to-earth terms, hitting issues other Christian books won't. While a wonderful wedding day is important, it's the last day of marriage that really counts. Will the last day of your marriage come prematurely through divorce? Will it be filled with regrets as you sit at the funeral of your spouse? Or, by God's grace, will the last day be a time to rejoice in the life you lived together?

Pastor Mark Driscoll and his wife, Grace, want you to finish well on the last day. They share private and painful issues that damaged their own marriage-including his introduction to pornography in elementary school and her abuse as a teenager at the hands of a boyfriend-and how they overcame them to experience healing and joy with each other again.

Together they tackle the tough issues, such as:

Should I confess my pre-marital sexual sin to my spouse? Is it okay to have a "work husband/wife"? Can I say no to sex when I really do have a headache? What does the Bible say about masturbation and oral sex?

From fun date night tips to the most tricky "can we do that?" sex questions, Mark and Grace share practical help and hope with people just like them.

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Mixed audio performance
'With honesty and energy, William Dufris delivers Pastor Mark Driscoll's views.... In contrast, Tavia Gilbert's delivery of wife Grace's views ... is somewhat jarring.'

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Review by / (Posted on 3/15/2012)
Real Marriage, Real Advice
This has been a very anticipated book, personally. For some years now I have been a listener of sermons and reader of books by Mark Driscoll. It is safe to say I am very familiar with one of the authors. We have not been familiar with the other author, Grace, until now. This is why I have been waiting in anticipation for this book ever since I heard it was being written.

If you are very familiar with the teachings of Mark Driscoll, especially The Peasant Princess sermon series, then you will not read a significant amount of new information from Mark’s perspective. Though I am glad that I can access it in book form now. The majority of new information comes from Grace’s perspective. This helps to bring context to what Mark teaches and some fresh insight from the woman’s perspective.

This book is not a run-of-the-mill marriage book. It is a “school of hard knocks” book with thorough theological and sociological incite. The several pages of footnotes, chapter notes, and appendixes reveal how much Mark and Grace weighed the perspective of others along with their own.

Real Marriage is very upfront and personal. The Driscoll’s do not hold back in talking about the serious subjects. They do not hold back in answering the tough questions. They do not hold back in putting the husband or the wife in their place. Where many marriage books will dance around many sensitive subjects, such as sex and abuse, Real Marriage hit these head on. If you agree with their perspective or not, it must be respected that Mark and Grace do attempt to take on these hard subjects.

The most refreshing subject that is discussed in the book is on friendship within marriage. They point out that they read part or all of 187 book while researching for this book and found no chapter or section discussing friendship in marriage. They say, “Husbands and wives who want their marriages to be enduring and endearing must be friends.” This chapter alone is worth your time and money for this book. Everyone should consider reading at least this chapter. The content on friendship has value outside of marriage relationships.

My expectations for this book were high and it did not disappoint. I highly recommend this book to anyone at any stage of marriage. I would also recommend it to anyone single that plans to marry one day.

The audio book version is not narrated by Mark and Grace. My preference is that the author does the narration. Personally, I have listened to Mark speak over hours and hours of sermons/podcast. I have heard him teach much of this material live and by video. In my opinion Mark and Grace not narrating does this good book a disservice. The unique thing about Mark Driscoll is that he is a tough man’s man. This comes out in his voice too. Most marriage material is taught by “nice” men. Men that seem to identify with the women better then the men. The material presented in Real Marriage is tough, open, and upfront. It needed to be presented in audio format by someone who can do the material justice. I usually count bad narration against the final rating, but will not in this case. I recommend reading the book over listening to it.
Review by / (Posted on 1/5/2012)
This is an awesome book that all married couples should read together. If you are in a relationship but are not married yet this would be a great way to learn and understand what marriage is about and how men and women see SEX
When I decided to read this audio book, I was intrigued by the title of "Real Marriage - The Truth About Sex, Friendship & Lie Together" by Mark & Grace Driscol.

Even though I have been married for 11 years now, which I think qualifies me as a novice in marriage, I found this book to be very interesting. It was divided into 3 parts. Part I dealt with Marriage from Chapters 1-5. Then, Part II dealt with Sex from Chapters 6-10. Finally, Part III on Chapter 11 dealt with The Last Day.

Though I found myself wandering on some chapters, depending on their length, I was very pleased at the content of this information provided. This book was well researched and is definitely worth reading.

In fact, I really could have used this book prior to my marriage. While I believe my marriage has been wonderful for the past 11 years, it would have been helpful to consider the points that are raised. The book's authors interject their own life but they also provide numerous biblical scriptures as a reference point.

In Part I, Mark and Grace relay how their relationship blossomed and the difficulties encountered. In telling this story, Mark discussed what happened to them after they got married and a secret that made their sex life more problematic.

They also talk about marriage being about friendship and and how it glorifies GOD and also about how a person can be guilty of Emotional Adultery even if that person doesn't sleep with someone else.

Chapter three deals with Men & Marriage and it provides lots of interesting information. The requirement in the Bible of Women submitting to Men as a married person is followed up by the requirement of Husbands loving their wives as Jesus loves his father. In other words, while Women are supposed to submit to Men this is not supposed to be used against those Women by Men. Equally compelling was the statement that the Men are supposed to pick out a church to attend. However, it is supposed to be a place that challenges the Men.

I would have thought that the Husband and Wife would decide on a church together but this discussion certainly makes it appear that this is a responsibility that was given to Men. It's these provoking thoughts that made me think about the awesome responsibility that the Bible provides to Men and how they are supposed to take care of their Wives.

Part Two of this book discussed the 7 sex essentials that were found in the Bible. 1. God created us in his image and likeness. 2. Love is more like a song than a math equation. 3. Marriage is more like a song than a math equation. 4. God created sex. 5. Sex outside of marriage is a sin. 6. Sex is to be done in such a way that there is no shame. 7. Your standard of beauty is your spouse.

However, this part of the book also dealt with The Porn Path. The problem of pornography in all its forms and how yesterday's porn is today's main stream. In fact, the authors also discussed the 4 basic aspects to heterosexual pornography.

The most chilling aspect of this section was when the book recalled a interview that serial killer Ted Bundy gave to Dr. James Dobson shortly before his execution and how poronography led him down the road to his destruction. As the authors stated, "You don't control porn. Porn controls You. One of the most powerful lies in the suppport of pornography is that it does not harm anyone but that is a demonic lie. Porn hurts GOD. Do not be fooled - porn is not about sex it is about money."

Part III closed out the book in Chapter 11 by asking the most amazing question that can be asked about a marriage. It was about reverse engineering and said that the most important date of marriage is the last day. Will the last day be a day to rejoice? In other words, was our life together in marriage all that it should have been with no regrets? If so, it's a happy day because the goal is progress not perfection.

As I stated earlier, this book is well worth reading and discussing with your spouse or for those contemplating marriage.

Review by / (Posted on 1/3/2012)
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