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Real Simplicity

Author Randy Frazee and Rozanne Frazee
Narrator Arthur Morey and Susan Hanfield
Runtime 6.7 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher Zondervan
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Release Date January 13, 2012
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This thought-provoking book exposes the chaos and pressure of “normal” living and points toward a better life where community and church are authentic, rich, and as close as the neighbors on your street.

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"What If You Could . . . 

  • get all your work done by 6:00 p.m.?

  • eat dinner with your family every night?

  • form deep, satisfying relationships?

  • naturally blend the world of church with your everyday life?

  • spend hours a week on your hobbies?

You can! Real Simplicity reveals how to make all of these things a reality. Not by working faster or having more gadgets, but by simply choosing a lifestyle of conversation and community over a lifestyle of accumulation. The Frazees’ practical, motivating insights call you back to the kind of relationships and life rhythms you were created to enjoy.

In Real Simplicity, Rozanne and Randy show you how—and why it’s so important—to balance work and play, establish healthy boundaries, deal with children’s activities and homework, bring Jesus to your neighbors, and build authentic bonds with a circle of close friends. Share these insights with those around you and help usher in an amazing transformation: your life and the lives of others blooming, in the midst of the chaos and fragmentation of today’s culture, into communities of purpose and peace."