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Living in the Light

Money, Sex and Power

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No Dawdling here, straight truth. Apply it, live it.
Built on the foundation of the Bible and Pipers other books. All Piper books bleed the sovereignty of Christ and God desiring for us to be satisfied in Him above all things. Piper does not linger on these doctrines but the arguments and biblical truth shared in this book rests on those premises.

A concise book which spreads God grace in three specific topics. Piper does not dawdle, he gets right to the point and it is marvelous.

Thesis of the book. God made Sex Power and Money for His own glory and our good in Him. Don’t pervert Gods design and these three things will not bring us ruin spiritually.
Review by / (Posted on 5/15/2019)
This book will change your life!
This book is concise and straight to the point! It was an amazing listen and so spirit wrenching that I read it a number of times and bought the book to accompany the audiobook. Remarkable and very helpful. It is so simple and practical yet, this book will convict you! Listen and you will see!
Review by / (Posted on 8/9/2016)
One of Piper's All-Time Best. You Will Not Be Unchanged
This is perhaps the most readable and certainly among the most helpful and immediately practical of any book John Piper has written. Money, sex, and power are three things that can be most used for sin, but they are also (or maybe "because") they are three of God's greatest gifts. I know that many people have had difficulty reading Piper. This is a common complaint from those at our church. I think that if this is you, you will be pleasantly surprised by this book. And for those (like me) who are well acquainted with his writing and way of thinking, you will still find this book helpful.

How we relate to money, sex, and power says much about what we think about God. And the only way to relate rightly to Money, sex, and power is to have God at the "center of the solar system" of all of God's good gifts, especially money, sex, and power. These exist to display the superiority of God and make manifest His glory, his weightiness by keeping all these lesser glories in their proper orbit around and subservient to Him. God did not invent money, sex, and power in order to tempt us. These are not results of the fall. But they are good gifts that exist for the good of His children and for the magnification of His glory.

This book is intensely theological while simultaneously incredibly and immediately practical. New believer and old, seasoned saint alike will find plenty of encouragement, admonishment, and challenges here. It is an easy read (stylistically), but I found it to be difficult. For me, I found sin exposed that I was not previously aware of, but the power and hope for change was paired close by.

This is not a book you will want to read casually. Rather, prayerfully set aside time and prepare for a read that will likely not leave you unchanged.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough.
Review by / (Posted on 6/28/2016)
A short, useful book that may change your perspective on Piper
John Piper’s preaching and teaching have fallen out of favor recently as many have rejected a message they see as narrow and unloving. I admit that Piper has become to me somewhat of a fuddy-duddy, offering a conservative, reformed commentary that stands in stark contrast to those “more engaged” in culture like Tim Challies and Timothy Keller. Those who feel as I do should read his newest book Living in the Light: Money, Sex, and Power, and get a refreshed perspective.

The book’s subtitle says it all: “Making the most of three dangerous opportunities.” This is a book about taking three gifts of God that are often abused, and using them for Kingdom good. Many who are dismissive of Piper will assume there would be a primary focus on the negative aspects of the abuse of money, sex and power, but that is not the case. He spends more time reflecting on the good that could be accomplished were Christians serious about redeeming these three gifts for the glory of God.

The path of redemption laid out by Piper is realizing the potential danger of these gifts, finding deliverance from destructive patterns by placing them under the Lordship of Christ, and deploying sex, money, and power to be used for God’s glory. A central illustration of the book is that of a solar system. The “planets” of sex, money, and power are only in their proper, most useful place when they are orbiting the “sun” (Jesus) and not having our lives orbit them.

This is a short book is valuable because it espouses the idea of total redemption—God doesn’t just redeem people, he is also redeeming creation and those good things which we have corrupted. Piper’s writing is accessible, but he still struggles with the tendency to be dry. All in all, a solid, focused piece of writing that I can imagine I will return to as a teaching reference.

Bob Souer does a good job on the narration of the audiobook version.

Please Note: This audiobook was gifted as a part of the Christianaudio Reviewers Program in exchange for my unbiased review of this work. This has in no way influenced my opinion or review of this work.
Review by / (Posted on 6/14/2016)
Short and to the Point, but Lacks Making the Struggle Real
While I've always known of John Piper, this was the first time I listened to one of his books. I like the way he writes and how much Scripture he incorporates into his writing. This book is well-written, and short.

And really, it's Piper's briefness that shines through here. I recently listened through a longer audiobook on the same subject that was a bit of a drag to get through. And really, the point in that book is the same point made in this book: give everything to God. Sex, money and power outside of God become idols, so subject it to him and make Him God.

This point, of course, is great, Biblical, and spot on. Unfortunately, it seems to belittle these struggles. Many Christians in the world who are dealing with the serious issues of sex, money and power find it pretty obvious that they need to give it over to God—that's just kind of Christian common sense. But when overwhelming temptation comes and these things keep messing up their life, it seems to me that telling them to "give it to God" is just a bit too generic to fully help them in that moment.

Granted, Piper says he's not writing a self-help book here with a bunch of steps in it, which is great because I don't generally like those books anyways. But this book still struggles to really grasp the difficulty of it all.

Actually, the most beautiful part of the book to me was when Piper acknowledged the struggle in his own life. At one point he talks about his struggle with money and buying books. He told his story honestly and straight and it gave validity to what he was talking about.

Out of the two books I've listened to on this subject, I'd suggest this one every time. The answer to the problem is generic (though it's the right answer) and to give that answer does not require a long book. And again, that's why this book shines: Piper gets the point across at the get go and doesn't spend 6 hours reiterating it. Yes, some more stories of the struggle could help it out a lot, but from a Biblical perspective, it's pretty solid.
Review by / (Posted on 5/25/2016)
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