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Knowing God

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Dense but interesting and thought provoking
Knowing God is a theological treatise of sorts. Packer is clearly well versed in scripture and well read in a variety of theologians and biblical scholars. He does a good job of laying out many of the tenants and concepts of fundamentalist theology. His book makes complex ideas and concepts accessible to the average believer. But this book is best listened to and digested in small bites rather than trying to digest it all at once. Regardless of where you fall on the theological spectrum, Knowing God will challenge your thinking and broaden your understanding of a variety of topics. If you endeavor to listen to this thought-provoking book, put on your boots and prepare to wade through complex ideas. Packer will often take you down a rabbit hole to show you where it ends up.

While I personally do not agree with everything Packer says in his book, it is helpful in thinking through what I do believe.

Simon Vance is the narrator and does a good job. His voice is clear and smooth and is not distracting at all from the material at hand. Thanks to christianaudio Reviewers Program for the opportunity to listen to and review this book.
Review by / (Posted on 3/10/2011)
Solid Evangelical Understanding of God
J.I. Packer's “Knowing God” has become an evangelical classic since it was first published in 1973. In short, “Knowing God” is an evangelical doctrine of God. Though an evangelical Anglican himself, Packer's theology is influenced by Reformed theology, the stream which carries John Calvin and the English Puritans among others.

As a Wesleyan/Methodist, I have occasional disagreements with Packer's doctrine of God but I'm generally sympathetic to overall theology as a fellow evangelical. One of my former professors once labeled Packer a “fundamentalist” (though added, “He's a good fundamentalist.”); I don't think that label is fair. He's solidly evangelical, which is not the same as a fundamentalist.

“Knowing God” is a fantastic introduction to an evangelical understanding of God, no matter your church background. This is not a book that should be left to pastors alone. Lay people who wish to broaden and sharpen their theological thinking (which simply means you want to think more correctly about God) should read this. If nothing else, Packer's writing is clear, gracious and eloquent – much like John Stott's, another evangelical Anglican. In fact, I'd recommend reading Stott's “The Cross of Christ” after “Knowing God,” which means you then need a book on the Holy Spirit to complete your evangelical theology of the triune God!

In the audibook version, narration is provided by Simon Vance who wins extra brownie points for being British. I love British accents when listening to theology! It's a snug fit for my mind.

“Knowing God” is highly recommended – even if you disagree with it.
Review by / (Posted on 3/2/2011)

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