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Mere Christianity

Product Review (submitted on August 31, 2011):
CS Lewis is an author who’s writings have a wide range of appeals, Christian and non-christian, male/female, adult children, and the appeal of his writings continue on 50 years after they were written.

I actually listened to the audiobook and read the paperback together – this helped me to retain a lot of the material I think. I actually find myself quoting from this book a lot – so something must have stuck.

I find in my interactions with people that a lot of misunderstandings and grief can be avoided if we just took the time to stop and think. This book will help you do that. This book is more of a marathon that a sprint. I found myself having to read one chapter and then put it down to enable my mind to grasp what had been said and to ponder the implications. This is actually one thing that I did not like about the audio book version. The files were very big and covered many chapters, and I found it hard to find my place once I stopped and tried to start again. Perhaps the audio files could be made into chapter length files – I think this would help a lot.

The narrator on the audio book was a good choice as he actually sounds like I would imagine CS Lewis to sound, and that brought it more to life.

Mere Christianity is a book that is suitable for a non-Christian or new Christian to read because it explains Christianity well, but not from a Biblical stance, but rather from logic and the world around us. It is also suitable for mature Christians, as the depth of thought is challenging.

I will probably read this book over and over during the rest of my life, and thoroughly recommend anyone else to do the same. Unfortunately most people just won’t read it at all, for whatever reason. They are the ones that will miss out.