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The Word of Promise Audio Bible

Product Review (submitted on February 6, 2017):
It wasn't the worst, it could have been better. I never liked the fact that there were no chapter indications, it made it difficult to follow and to know where they were many times. I never liked how the person voiced for Jesus sounded, he sounded a bit too emotional for my liking. He always seems like he was crying or something, so I didn't listen to the gospels that much. Also sometime the background music muffled the reading, mind you, I liked it but it got in the way of hearing the word. In the Old Testament, the voice for God was flat. When I read my Bible and say that God was angry, I image him talking with anger just like I or anyone would but in this piece, it's so calm and serene, you couldn't tell that there was anger at all. The reader for Peter sounded too theatrical, almost fake. Otherwise it wasn't the worst but have been much better. I wouldn't recommend it, I think there could have been more effort to sound a lot more natural. Having said that, I still like it but those were just my observations. Just for the unnatural sound of some of the "actors" I'd return the product if I could.