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ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible

Product Review (submitted on February 21, 2017):
I downloaded both the M4B (to play on my Droid Mobile) and MP3 (to play on CD in my car). Both have their advantages.
To the quality of the vocalisation - I must say that it is "spotty". Mostly, the reading is pretty good - but every now and then it sounds like either another person, or the reader has a cold, or something is totally different about the timbre of the voice. Not a "biggie", but I did kind of expect a bit more Quality Control in a book as important as this.
I have been listening to this since the start of the work year in the car on the drive to and from work. While it would be "best" if I were to read the Bible, this is a wonderful "second best" - and I keep my eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel ;)