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You and Me Forever

Product Review (submitted on February 24, 2017):
I agree with most of the content as individual points, but that is really all this book is... a collection of individual points that are loosely connected by using a broad and undefined premise. Rating the book as a book about marriage, and just as a book in general, I have to give it a two. If it was a general book about your Christian walk, I'd rate it higher. Now let me explain what I mean.

As a book about marriage: Short answer... it's not actually a book written about marriage. You can take all the references to marriage out of it, and slip in basically any other topic, and the book still works. I would theorize that the problem is this: "Marriage books always focus on the relationship and issues of the married couple, but they should be focused on your relationship with God. Therefore we will talk about your (mainly individual) relationship with God, and not dig much into marriage topics." I appreciate their attempt to put the focus where it should be, but they throw the baby out with the bath water. Problem is, this reveals their motivation, which is not grounded in what scripture says about marriage (since the Bible is not afraid to go into the relationship between the couple), but is grounded in their own ideas (which can mostly, but not all, be scripturally supported). They don't paint a picture of marriage from the Bible, and work from there, but paint their own picture, then go to the Bible at points. Another note, and something that has always got to me with Francis, is that he will mention something, then not define or explain it, leaving it vague and open to misinterpretation. Although Lisa does a good job, for the most part, about making sure her points are clear.

As a book: There is no clear thesis, there is a topic that is focused on more than others, but there is no clear narrowing down of direction. This leads to topic jumping, with chapters breaks being pointless as many chapters with pick up a topic that was dropped three chapters about, then switch to something else. Again, it goes to the "collection of individual points" idea, and not one coherent argument.

Conclusion: I am not trying to be cynical, nor do I even discourage people from reading the book. There are just issues that prevent me from highly rating it and from highly recommending it.