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The Imperfect Disciple

Product Review (submitted on May 21, 2017):
Jared C. Wilson works at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where I am currently a graduate student. As one of the few non Baptists there and the only blind person, as well as a woman called to a ministry of preaching and music, it can at times be somewhat difficult to feel fully a part of that community despite wonderful friends and scholarly study. This book makes me so grateful and proud to be a part of MBTS, rather than merely a student passing through its halls only to pass back out when I am finished. The truth spoken in this audiobook goes as deep as the soul itself. It is more friendly, more beautiful, and more real than anything I have read in quite some time. One cannot read or listen to this book and remain unchanged. Certainly I did not. This book is like a mirror to me in so many ways, showing the real me, not a pretty picture. Yet it also shows the unspeakable love that God shows losers such as myself and all of those who call upon His Name. To return to my first point, as a non Baptist, I read this book and do not feel as can so often happen in the seminary environment, singled out or isolated because I am not affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. Anyone within the Christian faith can and will be shaped and formed by this masterful work.