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The Imperfect Disciple

Product Review (submitted on June 4, 2017):
Are you tired of the “10-steps to being a better Christian” or perhaps the “Share if you like Jesus” social media posts that make you want to unfriend everyone? Everyone is. In The Imperfect Disciple, Jared Wilson, in a snarky yet sobering style reminds us of the liberating truths about the that we often exchange for a lies. This book is for the legalist in all of us. What is a legalist? Cover ArtSomeone who is “seeking to achieve forgiveness from GOD and acceptance by GOD through my obedience to GOD.” {CJ Mahaney, The Cross Centered Life}. This book covers issues with consumer Christianity, what it means to contextualize your faith from looking good but being broken, fear of man, to everyone’s struggle with their faith. The summaries found around the web, describe it well, “The Imperfect Disciple is a discipleship book for people who are a little tired of discipleship books. This one is for the rest of us -- people who screw up, people who are weary, people who are often wondering in church if it's safe to say what they're really thinking. For the believer who is tired of quasi-spiritual "lifehacks" and fuzzy "fortune cookie" spirituality, here is a discipleship book that isn't afraid to be honest about the mess we call real life.”

I listened to this audiobook two times and was amazed of the things I missed the first time around. For instance, chapter two discussed the sermon on the mount, beatitudes, and psychobabble Christian leadership books! As I spend some time in the car with my work, I enjoy having audiobooks that challenge me and remind of the gospel, and this did not disappoint. The narrator of the audio although not the author, made the book interesting and engaging. I found the book to be refreshing, interesting, challenging, inspiring, and enlightening.

It reminded me of how hard I try to be in control, fear others, look elsewhere and try to prove myself. It also felt like I was listening to a younger Steve Brown, in that he was also very pastoral and earthy real with the topics discussed. Jared challenges the way we do discipleship and the way we do “Christianity” and then pokes us with the reminder that it is all about grace. I appreciated his humor and vernacular when describing the Christian culture, and then grounding us in the scripture to remind us that not much is different from the first century church. I found the audio book to be presented in a cohesive, yet down to earth, messy manner. Something that is rare today in the publishing world of ‘every author sounds the same.” Jared successfully saturates this work in biblical truth and gives transparent illustrations from his own life to drive the points home. I highly recommend this book to any other Imperfect Disciples – those of us who struggle to keep our act together.



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