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Choose Joy

Product Review (submitted on March 27, 2012):
Choose Joy by Kay Warren is a wonderful reminder that regardless of who you are, what kind of education you’ve received or where you are right here, right now in this moment – you still must decide to choose joy (or not) when circumstances beyond your control loom overhead.

I am in complete agreement with Kay on this statement:

Joy cannot be manipulated by the actions of puny human beings; it is not dependent on the amount of sadness, suffering or difficulties you endure. Joy cannot be held hostage to fear, pain, anger, disappointment, sadness or grief. At the end of any given day, the amount of joy you experience is the exact amount of joy you chose to experience!

Kay Warren puts JOY out there. She talks about her own doubts, fears and struggles as well as providing reminders of Biblical accounts of situations that were less than joyful, but joy was chosen.

She reminds us that joy is not an emotion that runs wildly through our hearts like other emotions, that it is an action we much choose when we trust our Almighty Heavenly Father to work all things together for good. Joy is a gift from the Holy Spirit and regardless of circumstances we can choose this gift and embrace joy.

We can approach our problems with a joyful mindset when we meditate on the greatness of God.

Although this book is focused on us gals, I encourage men and women alike to start choosing JOY today.

The audio version of this book is read by Kay Warren which is a gift in itself. We get the joy of hearing the passion and compassion that fills her heart.

I give Choose Joy, because Happiness isn’t enough 5 out of 5 stars and encourage you to get the book and start choosing joy today.

Christian Audio is doing a pre-release of the audio version. Get your copy here.

Some of my favorite quotes from Kay Warren:

A watching world needs to hear from us that God personifies Joy

Jesus’ attitude towards life, shows that He was a man of Joy

God uses the dark times in our life to reveal His majesty

God values character over comfort, faith over fears, mercy over judgment, justice over injustice, people over possessions, truth over falsehood, humility over pride, hope over despair, love over apathy. In other words, God values the things that will last.

The parallel train tracks of joy and sorrow are always running side by side in our lives.