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Choose Joy

Product Review (submitted on March 29, 2012):
Choose Joy by Kay Warren is a book I wasn’t sure I would enjoy because I am not a naturally happy, outgoing person and I thought the book would be written by an outgoing woman telling everyone that they should be joyful just like her. However what I discovered as I started listening was that Kay was very similar to me and had encountered more trials than I probably ever will but had chosen to be joyful despite her circumstances.

I loved the chapter focusing on how Jesus was a joyful person because images of Jesus are normally either very timid, emotionless portrayals or images of pain on the day he died. Also the focus on personalities being an excuse for not being joyful was a common opinion that Kay effectively debunked.

This book is written for women and there are a few references to women but all the principles are just as applicable to men. As a man, I found it extremely useful and the fact that being joyful is a choice is something that I intend to practise in the future.

The narration at first I found a bit difficult because Kay has a very strong accent but the further I got into the book the more I got used to it and found it to be quite good. The added advantage of the author, Kay Warren, reading the book is that she knows the tone, emotion and expression that she intended the book to have, making it flow smoothly.

This book was a very interesting and helpful book that I intend to put into practise in my own life to become more joyful despite my circumstances. It is essential reading for people going through trials or just generally lacking in joy.

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