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Product Review (submitted on September 25, 2017):
What an encouraging book! Lecrae, your story reminded me of the book “The Critical Journey” that has influenced my life tremendously in the past year. We all have to face challenges (as varied as they may be) that force us to do one of 5 things: reject God, redefine God in our own image, become critical and judgmental, go back and try to relearn what we think we missed about God, or allow God to explode our view of him and move forward in a brand new way that doesn’t see the world as split in two. Thank you for telling your story boldly and being an example to those of us who aren’t surrounded by a lot of people who see that worldview that you talked about. Please keep writing your music and working out the ministry God has clearly given you. All praise to God for the work he is doing in and through us to work out his great plan for his glory!