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Choose Joy

Product Review (submitted on April 2, 2012):
Choosing Joy sounds so simple and easy. And perhaps for this author it may have been easy enough for her to do so. I give this book four stars because it is full of simple reminders and obvious reasons to choose joy, but it just was not an earth shattering book. I personally didn't care for the author reading her own book. This completely contradicts my personal preference that an author actually read his/her own book. However, if the author does not present it well enough, then by all means bring in a professional. This author starts out reading the book sounding very uptight and nervous. Almost fake and scripted, until further along she when gets more comfortable with herself, her words, and thoughts. An author who reads their own book should sound like a friend having a conversation. If it is indeed their own thoughts and ideas, then the conversation should flow easily.

Another distraction was the blanket opinion by the author about the reader. The author continually says: "You are" whether it is what we are thinking or feeling or doing or fill in the blank. How can the author possibly know what we are in any context, and to state so is mighty presumptuous. Many times it was offensive to me, because NO, I do not think that way, or am not thinking that way at this moment, or I have never thought that. Trivial I guess, but meaningful to me.

Choosing to listen to the audio version by Kay Warren allows you to multi-task, but if you have the time, sit down with a pen and paper. She references multi versions of the bible and verses to go along with her topic of discussion. She uses a lot of the "new" bibles and leans heavily on The Message translation. I do not recall her once using the King James version or The New King James version. To be able to write down the verse and be able to look it up afterwards, or even pause the audio and look it up immediately, would be handy and helpful in your quest for finding joy.

Overall the reminders alone are worth a read or a listen to this book. Do I think it will instantly change a person and their view on life? No. But what a great opportunity for someone if it does happen to do that for them!

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