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Product Review (submitted on May 22, 2012):
Adam Brown's life ended in an isolated military clinic in the mountains of Afghanistan, his body riddled with AK-47 bullet holes from Taliban militia. However, Adam Brown's legacy lives on, described in his biography by author Eric Blehm. The book, Fearless, released today (May 22) is a moving account of the struggles, redemption, and sacrifice of Adam Brown.

Adam Brown was a Navy SEAL operator serving in Afghanistan with the elite DEVGRU team, otherwise known as SEAL Team Six - the group that took out Osama bin Laden. Brown's journey to the top tier of military excellence is the story of a small-town American boy with a penchant for recklessness, an addiction to hard drugs, and a complete lack of fear.

Brown's life was changed when he met Jesus in a grimy Arkansas jail cell. His problems didn't disappear. But his sinful heart was changed, and his life would take a totally different direction.

Fearless chronicles the life of Adam Brown — from humble birth to tragic death. The book tells the story of his wife's courage and persistant love. The book communicates the heroism of SEAL Team Six. The book conveys the pathos of war. Most importantly, Fearless shows how the love of Jesus can change a sinner's heart.

Thoughts on Fearless

- Eric Blehm writes a good biography. He may lack the polish of an Erik Larson (Garden of the Beasts), but his style is simple and compelling. The power of his writing is its research and accuracy. Blehm set out to write a straightforward biography, not a sensational bestseller.
- Adam Brown's life is an inspiration. Ever since I was a kid, I cherished dreams of joining the Marines or Navy SEALs, just to prove to myself that I was powerful and capable. I'm probably not going to be heading into BUDS training, but I appreciated reading about someone who did. Adam Brown was the best of the best (SEAL) of the best (DEVGRU), working against unbelievable opposition and overcoming incredible obstacles to get there.
- Brown wasn't just a meathead and military machine. He was a compassionate humanitarian, a devoted husband and father, and a disciple of Jesus. I appreciated his acts of kindness toward the Afghan children, and his brave witnessing to hardened SEALs.
I'm thankful for our military. While I am not a fan of the ra-ra-beat-em-up-kill-em-all-send-em-to-hell approach to our nation's defense, I do appreciate those who serve in the armed forces. I am especially thankful for those, like Adam Brown, who bring compassion and maturity to their task.
- Most importantly, I marvel at the grace of God. Eric Brown's life, just as it is with anyone who has been redeemed, is a testament to God's infinite love and kindness. I was encouraged to be a channel of this kindness to others, and a faithful witness of his gospel. There are Eric Browns all around us. They need Jesus, not our judgment. They need grace.
- The audio version of the book was decent at best. I had hoped for a better production. The "southern" accents seemed artificial and affected. The narrator seemed to lack pathos and passion.

I encourage you to read Fearless for its dazzling display of God's grace, and its compelling story of sacrifice and courage.

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