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Product Review (submitted on May 24, 2012):
First off let me say that I'm not an American so the US Navy Seals don't hold the same level of Hero worship for me as they might for others, but nevertheless this was a really interesting listen of one mans journey to becoming a hero, and not just through the sacrifice of his life in service to his country.

What is so important in this story though is that Adam Brown is not immediately whitewashed but rather is portrayed as a very human person who through his own self determination, and that of his family and friends, fought his way from drugs and foolishness into the seals and into the realms of loyalty, honour and conviction through hard work and selfless determination and through his faith commitment too.

It's a story of mistakes and hardship, of having it all and losing it, just to find it again and then make good on it.

It's the story of a hero with a heart and it's a fitting epitaph for a man willing to sacrifice all for his family, his faith and his service.

On the whole the story is well told, the author has written a well researched and interesting book with lots of imput from those that really knew him.

In terms of the Audio Book edition, the narrators voice is for the most part easy to listen to, with good pacing and clear diction.
However when it comes to the womens voices it then degenerates into annoying insipidness and mimicry!

The women he is talking for are strong women, women of real fortitude and moral fibre, women who stand up to, and with, Adam Brown and yet when the narrator speaks for them he turns them into insipid and simpering females due to the way he voices them.
This is a real shame and really detracted from the story for me.

However that aside and despite it, this audio book was well worth the listen, and I feel priviliged to have heard the story of Chief Special Warfare Operator Adam Brown.

Due to the narrators jarring reading of the female voices in this audio I feel I can only give this edition 3/5 stars, although the authors work itself is worth 4/5 stars.

I recieved a copy of this audio book as part of the review program. This has not influenced my review in anyway and this review is entirely based upon my own reaction and impressions from listening to this AudioBook.