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Product Review (submitted on June 1, 2012):
I recently listened to Fearless by author Eric Blehm for the christianaudio Reviewers Program (

What a fabulous book! Author Eric Blehm did a fabulous job in the construction of the life story of Adam Brown, of Seal Team Six, who lost his life fighting for our freedom. Far from the typical plotline found in many books of like genre, the author takes the reader down roads and into areas that would not be expected in the life of one of America’s great heroes. The message of the book is inspirational and exhilarating. It gives incredible hope for the seemingly lost cases in life.

Eric Blehm conveyed not only the human and natural side of this elite Navy seal but also walked one through the process that this man was engaged in while he shifting between interacting with his family, and fulfilling his position as an elite fighter for our country. It is a book with a lot of heart and soul packed tightly into an emotional plotline.

Paul Michael, the narrator, did a great job. His “rougher voice” seemed to add to the experience of listening to this book, and helped create the mental atmosphere of rugged and military terrain.

I was a little surprised to come across swearing and inappropriate language in this book, being that it is marketed in the Christian genre. The language is definitely not what one would expect out of a Christian book, and I believe nothing beneficial would have been lost if it would have been left out.

Overall, this is a mind-stretching and insightful book, the message of which is desperately needed today.