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Product Review (submitted on June 6, 2012):
This book has become one of my favorite books. For a guy, listening to a book about a real hero really hits a masculine hot button. I'm sure that other men will relate to many of the feelings and to varying degrees to the experiences that Adam Brown experienced during his path through life.

Most of us have temptations and sin in our lives and we all have varying success in resisting those temptations. Adam was man enough to tell his family that he wanted his whole story to be told. He wanted the low parts of his life and the unwise decisions to be told along with the good times should he not come back from the conflicts.

It was very interesting to hear stories of the extreme level of training that he and his fellow Seals experience. It takes an incredible person to endure this training. Adam's tenacity was obvious in the extreme while he fought through physical impediments to his goal of becoming part of Seal Team SIX.

Adam's compassion for others was evident in his acts of kindness to the kids that he saw while over in the war zones. After hearing about bad things that some of our soldiers have done which have been unfairly emphasized by the press, I was pleasantly surprised and proud of the rules of engagement which called for women and children to be removed from the middle of the violent action even at the peril of the team that was engaged with the enemy.

Paul Michael does a wonderful job of narrating the book. You really get the feeling that he was part of the action.

Although most know the path that the book is to take, it hits very hard to listen to the life of Adam Brown unfold. We are used to the great ending at the end. Adam's life has indeed come to a great ending. It just is a different ending than you see in the movies.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants an inside look at the inner and outer battles that our brave fighting men and women endure when they agree to defend our freedoms.

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