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Whatever Happened to the Gospel?

Product Review (submitted on February 16, 2018):
It is good to hear Kendall's own voice reading this. Though I disagree with his exposition of heaven and hell, he makes very good points. The chapter on heaven drags on too long.
Kendall spends a long time talking about hell, which is well spent. He uses Matt 26:24 and Mk 14:21 which say that it would have been better for Judas if he had not been born. He says this is strong evidence that Judas will get eternal punishment. That is true. But the point is that Judas' sin was so bad that he will get this terrible punishment, which should make one shudder. But Kendall says that for most human beings, it would be better for them not to have been born.
Kendall is right that hell needs to be preached like John the Baptist did, but it needs to be preached accurately. The preaching that all non-Christians, good or bad, regardless of how they lived on earth, are punished in hell for eternity is not scriptural and is something pastors should be ashamed of preaching. We could get away with that 200 years ago, but not today.