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12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You

Product Review (submitted on June 7, 2018):
I got this book as the free download of the month. It was a topic that interested me because I'd heard more and more of my podcasters talking about the dangers of iphones and saw more and more school notices about not letting your kids have too much media, but I was afraid to listen. I didn't want to turn into a smart-phone paranoid parent while my husband stayed on par with the rest of society--nonchalant about the risks. I found this book wasn't what I expected it to be--propaganda persuading you over and over that phones are evil and you MUST get rid of them or you must limit your media use to an hour a day--an impossible feat for an adult working in the business environment! Instead it talked about ways the phone has shifted our cultural perspectives, how it wastes time by making us feel unfit and making us present a false picture of ourselves, etc. I felt like most of the focus of this book wasn't the smart phone itself, but facebook, instagram,...web 2.0 stuff where you post about yourself and read about others. Near the end it got to addressing how you should consider your app use, determine what's beneficial and what should be let go, you should judge whether the smart phone costs are worth it or if you can get its functions somewhere else--very practical advice. I liked that. My favorite thing about it was the light it shined on a part of Ecclesiastes I always found contradictory and felt conflicted about. It's a good book, but since it's not one I was eager to talk to my husband about, it didn't meet my 5-star status.