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Product Review (submitted on March 18, 2013):
I've never been in the military, but I highly value and respect our military personnel. Unfortunately, the left-wing liberal "drive by" media usually limits their news coverage to sensational stories of injustices, cowardice and body counts. Here is a story of a true military hero, one that understands meaning of human dignity in time of war.

I noticed a complaint about the language. There were less than ten profanities in the 10.5 hour audiobook. Although the writer is not a Christian, he treated the spiritual context with great thoughtfulness, consideration and honesty. Eric Blehm does not shy away one bit from exploring the faith of Adam Brown and the spiritual imprint he left upon those close to him. He chronicles his spiritual journey, which included time at Teen Challenge and his ongoing struggle with addiction. I found it interesting that he mentions one of his friends having been to a Christian commune in Switzerland, La Bri, no doubt.

This is clearly a book that can be shelved with Christian inspiration as well as Guns and Ammo fans. Well written and well read. Highly recommended.