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Discovering the City of Sodom

Product Review (submitted on June 22, 2013):
I admit the thought of listening to a book about the discovery of the ancient city of Sodom elicited a stifled yawn but two things kept me awake. I listened to the book traveling around 65 mph on Interstate 99 and it really is a fascinating book. It is not just a book about moving dirt and stones. It is a book that deals with knowing where the dirt is and what stones to move.

In "Discovering the Lost City of Sodom" Dr. Steven Collins tells of his mission to find this city lost from view and how he went about it. Certainly one of the reasons the book kept my interest was because it was well written by Dr. Latayne Scott and the audiobook was well read in the presentation.

I appreciate Dr. Collins commitment to the biblical text. In his words, "The Bible is the authority on the location of Sodom". In arriving at the location of this lost city, using biblical clues, the reader is treated to an overview of the history and geography of this important area of the world--the plain that Lot saw when he broke from Abraham, etc. (I still have questions about calling Abraham a warlord but that debate may be for another day.)

The book also reminds us that once we get an idea in our minds we often go with it instead of seeing if the idea fits the facts. In this regard I refer to the theory that Sodom was at the south end of the Dead Sea, an idea promulgated by scholars of the 1900's and left unchallenged. I can also add that I was told in Sunday School that Sodom was under the Dead Sea, an idea that is being pursued by an underwater research team which is wasting thousands of dollars if Collins is right.

In short, listening to this book was a good use of my time and I gained some insight in researching biblical cities, a topic that is further explored in Appendix C in the book