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Product Review (submitted on July 14, 2013):
The author and reader both did an awesome job with the story. While the content and theme may not be for everyone, there was a clear message presented that would serve every reader well in helping them to understand what makes a person complete. Adam was a strong person as a young man but he was uncomfortable with himself despite his success. He was missing something valuable. He tried to destroy himself with the drug experience, however that was not to be because of his parent's and Kelley's love for him. Not to be overlooked is God's relationship to all the principals in the story. Adam weathered the dark experience essentially because of his family's (+Kelley) support and their persistent faith in what God can/will do when we stay true to his instructions. God indulged Adam on his early journey (by being patient with him) with drugs and as Adam emerged from that experience I believe God endowed Adam with the strength and will to persevere through any challenge he faced and develop into a man of courage and great character. As a veteran of naval service during the Vietnam era and now nearing retirement after 44 years of law enforcement service, I can easily relate to this story and am inspired by it's message. I have encouraged my three sons to listen so they too can appreciate what the Adam Brown meant to his family, friends and country. In the end as his life passed from his body he learned God was sending him onto a new mission. It seems Adam prepared his family for his early departure, leaving them strong and courageous. God bless them for all they have endured and in the future.