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Discovering the City of Sodom

Product Review (submitted on July 23, 2013):
Discovering the City of Sodom by Dr. Steven Collins and Dr. Latayne C. Scott is a very long but interesting account of the likely discovery of the ruins of the Biblical city of Sodom. It outlines the theories behind the discovery, the opposing theories of where Sodom was thought to be, the attempts to find it and the probable discovery of Sodom.

The background and history of the city of Sodom and the kikkar of the Jordan is outlined in great detail along with the various theories of where the ruins of the city would be as determined by well known archaeologists. The journey to finding the city with highs and lows is presented in great detail to show the process that was endured for the end result.

I found this quite an interesting book especially the history of the area over the last few thousand years and the eventual discovery of the city of Sodom. It is a probably a bit too long for a casual reader of the subject but quite an exciting discovery that I am glad I have heard about.

The narration was rather good but the topic of the book at times can get a bit dry which didn't really help the listening experience but overall it was good.

This book would be a great book for anyone interested in archaeology or finding evidence of Biblical places in the world.

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