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The Mud and the Masterpiece

Product Review (submitted on March 9, 2014):
The Mud and the Masterpiece by John Burke is an amazing book on seeing the masterpiece under all the mud that sin and things of this world places on people's lives. It is filled with stories of people far from God who were draw towards Him by Christians who could see the masterpiece beneath the mud and proceeded to love them despite their problems.

I think the message of this book is very important for today's church because the world is getting more and more sinful, so the people that come into the church are going to be covered in mud and the church needs to give these people room to investigate for themselves who God is and what His plan is for their life.

Personally I found this book encouraging but very challenging because it challenges the normal Christian culture of getting them saved and then they miraculously give up all their old ways and become saints. This does happen a bit but more likely people will take time to come to Christ and possibly even longer to kick their own sinful ways and we as Christians need to be helpful rather than judgmental during this process.

The narrator was the author of the book, he was quite easy to listen to and gave the text the added emotion and tone that he intended.

This book would be great for any Christian who wants to see their friends and family come to God no matter how much mud they have on their masterpiece.

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