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Here Is Our God

Product Review (submitted on June 27, 2014):
Here is our God is a collection of expositions by different authors on the biblical accounts of God visibly revealing himself to mankind. From the encounter with Moses at Sinai, to His glorious appearing to Isaiah in the temple, to the Transfiguration of Christ, each of these accounts is examined in detail and with practical application to the reader.

However, what makes this book really unique is its origin. Each chapter is based on a different message given by the respective author at a women’s conference hosted by the Gospel Coalition. These talks were then edited into a more reader-friendly form by Kathleen Nielson and D.A. Carson, both of whom also contributed a talk/chapter to the book. Only three of the chapters are from male contributors: Carson, John Piper, and Tim Keller. This makes for a unique and refreshing perspective, as most works of theological exposition are historically to be written by men. It’s even stranger to a have a book like this come from the Gospel Coalition, as they tend to hold a complementarian view of women’s roles.

I really appreciated the scope and focus of this book. All the authors are talented expositors and gifted communicators. It was fun and even inspiring to hear them all put their collective command of language to the task of describing the Indescribable. I particularly liked the chapter about Solomon’s dedication of the temple, and the manner in which God “dwells” with His people. Great stuff!

I left this book with a greater appreciation for both the immensity of God, and the glorious riches of God’s grace. I’d say these authors would count that as a win, judging by their passion for the subject. If you feel like your vision of God needs some enlarging, this book is for you.

Because this book represented both female and male voices, narration duties are split between Heather Henderson & George Sarris. Both narrators do a great job, and it was a brilliant decision to divide the book up between two distinct voices.