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Culture Shock

Product Review (submitted on August 9, 2014):
Politics and Religion, those are the two things we are never supposed to talk about. In this audiobook, Chip Ingram does that very thing. He takes us though subjects that most Christians have never heard a single sermon on. He delves into a list that tent to start angry debates.

The following is a partial list of subjects covered:

The Environment

These are controversies that could be taken from the front page of today’s newspaper. They touch each of our lives in one way or another. If they do not directly affect us, they usually do through our friends and loved ones.

Ingram's writing is easy to read (or in my case, listen to) and the information is every informative. He not only shows the beliefs held on both sides of the issue, he gives a biblical understanding on each subject. The last part of the book is written in a question and answer format. Here is where the book really shines. He takes the hard cases and shows how to give not only a biblical answer, but he does it with a pastor's heart. The book is clear and precise, yet loving and sensitive.

I enjoyed the narration tremendously. I felt like I was listening to a lecture more than an audiobook. The audio was clear and professional.

If you feel that the world is changing way too fast and you need to get a handle on these subjects, please consider this book.

To wrap it up - Read or listen to this book!

I highly recommend this audiobook and give it a 5 out of 5 star.

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