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Culture Shock

Product Review (submitted on August 10, 2014):
Culture Shock by Chip Ingram is a book with the lofty goal of tackling five of the biggest areas in today's society in the light of what the Bible says on the issues of human sexuality, homosexuality, abortion, the environment and politics. As an introduction he also rebuffs the idea of relative true and the idea that the world likes to promote that nothing is absolutely true.

Each of these ideas is covered in a very complete manner by stating clearly and concisely the arguments from both schools of thought and then applying the scriptures to the issues to shed some light on the issues. He also covers how Christians should response to objections about their stance and how to convey love in their reinforcement of Biblical values.

I thought this was a really great book as he stated everything so clearly and made his arguments in a manner that anyone could follow and apply to their own lives. I think there were a few things that I disagreed with but overall it was a fabulous study of how Christians should approach these hot topics in a largely intolerant world towards the things of God.

The narrator was very good as he was clear and I had no trouble at all following along. Also he presented the content with confidence and it really felt like he believed what he was reading.

This book is great for anyone wondering about what the Bible says about the big issues of today or wanting to reach people with opposing views in a loving manner.

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